Nicole and Faust - Engaged! North Vancouver

Nicole & I met on the sea bus probably close to 10 years ago.  I have this rule that if I see someone three times then I have to say hello.  Its even better if I see them in three different places, more points.  I try to be judicious in not referring to my sightings when I first make my move to meet someone new.  Ive discovered that an opener like "I saw you at the coffee shop on Tuesday, at the crosswalk on Friday and today at the gym" doesn't bode well for making friends. It  usually just freaks people out.  So instead, as in Nicole's case, I error on the side of a dumb grin and an odd comment.   I believe my first words to her were "I like your haircut", which sure, could really scare someone away, or, as in Nicole's case, she responded with "thanks! I'm Nicole and you are?"  After that we spent many sea bus trips laughing at other public oddities and becoming fast friends.

Ive had a chance to meet Nicole's mom and sister over the years.  I understand they are all engaged at the same time, how great is that? I did pilates with her mom and her sister Michelle gave me rides back to North Vancouver during the transit strike of 2004.  While I was extremely pregnant with my second child and had no reasonable way to get home, Michelle would pull over at a downtown intersection and let me squeeze in.  Well, I would roll,  suck and twist myself into the backseat of her two door, light blue, Camero with the broken front seat lever and no seat belts.  It was comical but I'll always appreciate her willingness to give me a lift.  I wonder if she ever got a new car?

As most lovely, strong, capable, single women in Vancouver, Nicole was looking for a man.  After many no goes,  Nicole met Faust in her apartment building which I think is a great story.  The man of her dreams was only two stories up the whole time!  Love it.

To say the least I'm very excited that I will be shooting my friend's wedding this September in Deep Cove with my Little Bird Weddings partner, Lara McAllister of Red Wagon Photography.

Im so thrilled for my friend Nicole who found her Faust.  Congratulations to you both.  May your life together be filled with unexpected pleasures.

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