Happy New Year! {North Vancouver Photographer}

We got out in the glorious sunshine today and took a trip to West Vancouver.  The kids came up with a new game that is in play in the image below.  The details are too sorted to explain but it provided lots of giggles and happy New Year's Day moments.   Amazing how well they get along when we get out of the house!  The next photo is my amazing husband who gave me two amazing gifts for Christmas.   The first was the lens that I took all the photos in this post with (a new 85mm lens from Nikon) the acquisition of which required a huge act of love and creative financial manoeuvrings.  The second gift wins him "best gift giver" of the year award:  he made me a children's book telling the story of how we met, illustrated by my talented nephew Samuel.  Its the most personal, unique, creative and meaningful gift I've ever received.   I married good.