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10yrs! Birthday Party

Brooke McAllister


My oldest son turned 10 this weekend.  I'm thankful that we were able to create some memorable experiences for this great kid on his milestone birthday (double digits and all).  It seems like we're on the cusp of new things:  new independence, new abilities and a new confidence.   On Friday night my son got on stage and introduced his uncle's band at a fundraiser.  Oddly he was scared but excited. He's willingness to speak in front of large groups doesn't come from me.  He did great.  The one word he got turned around was "acoustic" which he called 'acous-tastic" which sounds better anyways.

My son's birthday wish was to have an dragon party with a sleep over at grandma & grandpa's with all his cousins.   We did 'pin the fire on the dragon', launched a fiery rocket 700ft into the air, ate dragon cake and watched "How to Train Your Dragon" projected onto the living room wall.   It was a pretty fabulous day.