He turns 11

On his 11th birthday he planned an elaborate "Survival Games".  He's been dreaming up the details for a year. There were eight stages of battles and challenges involving popsicle sticks, water balloons, swords, shields, bee hives, paint, duct tape, clothes pins, alliances, survival rations and poisonous berries. Most importantly there were 17 cousins, 6 aunts, 6 uncles and 2 grandparents there to sing Happy Birthday and provide essential background detail.  Amazingly there was only one "accident" that resulted in short lived tears.  I know I'll remember this birthday forever.  I'll especially remember how I tried to curb and cajole my young man into a more reasonable and successful series of outcomes for his day, while all along he knew his plans for the games would work and never doubted his own imagination.   I know he'll always have things to teach me.  He will fly.