Fading Fast

Photo Project: I was recently taking a walk in my neighbourhood when I came across a few of these homes from the 1920's-40's.  They stick out as a remnant of almost a century ago.  These small, quaint homes are silently disappearing from our blocks as the land they sit on continues to increase in value. Many sit next to new, west coast style homes, 5 bd, 3 bath, 1.2 million.   They speak to me of simpler, slower times.  They make me think of the families that raised their children in 800 sq ft, where the standard was smaller, compact, well made and efficient. I wanted to photograph these homes before they no longer dot our blocks to make sure we remember that people a hundred years ago lived by a different standard of space and "home".    These small spaces would have effected so many areas of life:  your relationship to your family members, your hobbies, entertainment, your accumulation of things, your personal space. These 'mini' homes make my imagination run wild.  Could we go back to such an era? Would you want to? 

north vancouver, houses, past, 1920's, history, photos