Littlest One

This is my littlest one.   He's 5 and totally great.  My husband and I say we want to be like him when we grow up.  He's got lots of forgiveness and hospitality built into his soul.  He's also precocious.  Last night he tried to pull a fast one.  After verbally offending his dad who was taking a shower he decided he better take a new course of action quickly to avoid punishment.   Taking advantage of the fact that the water was running and dad was having a hard time hearing too much, he pipes up, "hey dad, just wanted you to know, Starbuck's food isn't very good".  To the outsider this looks like a complete tangent but to my littlest one,  he was making a quick get a way.  Husband ends up cracking up and littlest one is home free.   Pretty good for 5.