Mother's Day & Mother's Day Eve

Mother's Day at my house means getting together with lots of family.  My mother-in-law had 8 boys: they're all married up (well almost) and most have kids.  Below are the cutest ones - just kidding!

We celebrated Mother's Day Eve at my house.  I got to 'boss everyone around' (said my 5 year old).  So I told everyone we were going on a picnic at the beach.  My husband will not ordinarily picnic at the beach as he claims that his food always gets sand in it.   So this was indeed my chance to 'boss everyone around'.  We had a really nice time actually (which I was quick to point out every few minutes or so).   And yes, there may have been a few bite fulls of sand.   We topped off the evening with Baskin Robins ice-cream and my son claimed "this is the BEST Mother's Day Eve EVER!"   I will have to say being a mom to a 5 and 8 year old is a lot easier than being the mom of babies and toddlers.  For those of you out there who can't see the end of the breastfeeding, diaper changing, sleepless nights circle.... i promise you the end will come and believe it or not it will seem like a really long time ago.